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About AHM

Arnold Hasudungan Manurung & Partners (AHM) was founded in 2007. Since its establishment, we have good experience in dealing with local and foreign companies: coal mining, energy and natural resources companies, insurance companies, manufacturers, traders, real estate agents and developers, engineering and construction companies.

Our Objective

is to become a responsive law firm with quality legal service to protect our client bussiness and legal rights, provide significant information, minimizing risk and producing an effective solution to achieve our clients business goals. Our firm’s rapid growth and pro-active participation has been in the areas of local current legal issues for International clients.

Our Professional Team

The Founder and Partners in our firm are: Mr. A. Hasudungan Manurung, Mr. Hendra Haryanto and Mr Pahala Manurung. We are experienced and professional consultants in understanding each clients’ problems, providing thought and consideration to protects client business and legal rights. With the team of competent Lawyers and Consultants, we are ready to serve and give you the best as our clients.

A. Hasudungan Manurung

is a Graduate of Law from the Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia (SH 2001). Advanced Study: Tax Consultant Brevet A (personal), B (legal entity), and C (International taxation) Programme from the University of Indonesia (2008). Formerly Mr. Manurung has joined forces with prominent law firms i.e. Gani Djemat & Partners Advocate/Solicitors and Fifi Lety Indra & Partners. Mr Manurung practising as Legal Consultant since 2003 and obtain Tax Court Attorney License since 2009. Practice Areas: establishment of foreign investment and local company, Commercial & Criminal Litigation, Energy and Natural Resources Law, Tax Law and Tax Dispute, merger, land dispute law and acquisition and Indonesian General Election Dispute. Mr Manurung has represent Bank Permata, BUT HED (Indonesia) Inc. (Now Lekom Maras Pengabuan Ltd) and PT. Jaykay Files Indonesia in several high profile tax controversy/dispute cases with the Tax Office (Directorate Gerenal Tax) and Customs & Excise Authority and also core team involved in merger of PT Energizer Indonesia and merger of PT Philips Indonesia. He has a very good contact with Local Government Institution. Mr. Manurung is fluent in English, Indonesian and speaks Bataknese.

Hendra Haryanto

graduated from the Faculty of Law of the University of Krisnadwipayana (SH 1989 and MH 2007), Faculty of Economics of University Persada Indonesia (SE 1997 and MM 1998). Formerly He has worked as Lecturer in Economics and Law at STIE DR Moectar Thalib, STIE Jayakusuma, and Vice Dean of University of Krisnadwipayana and as Legal Manager and General Manager Legal as well as Professional Legal Consultant in several companies and Industry Manufacture since 1984 until now and as Advocate since 2008. Practice Areas: Civil and Criminal Litigation, Labour/Manpower Law, Antimonopoly Law, Business Law. He has also been involved in several high profile civil and criminal law. Mr. Haryanto is fluent in English, Indonesian, and Mandarin.

Pahala Manurung

graduated from the Faculty of Law of the University of Bung Karno (SH 2003). Mr. Pahala Manurung has Advocate License from PERADI in 2008. Formerly Mr. Pahala Manurung has worked as Manager HRD of PT. Nippont Paint and Supervisor HRD of PT. Mecosin in Indonesia He involves in dealing with Labour Law, Tax Law, working permits, and obtaining licenses as well as criminal and civil law. Mr. Manurung is fluent both in Indonesian and English.

Our Services

  • Civil and Criminal Litigation
  • Land Law and Certification Ownership of Land
  • Establishment of Business Entities (PT,CV)
  • Real Estate and Conveyances and Construction Law
  • Tax Law and Tax Controversy/Dispute
  • Election of Governor /Regent Dispute Litigation

  • Labour or Employment
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • Joint Ventures Agreement
  • Foreign and National investment
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Mining, Energy and Natural Resources Law
  • Establishment of Business Entities
  • International Business Transactions

  • Working Permits (including Immigration Matters)
  • Airport and port handling
  • Custom Clearance
  • Real Estate and Conveyances and Construction
  • Drafting Business Agreement
  • Consumer Protections
  • Legal Due Diligence
  • Corporate Law
  • Family Law

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Our Clients

Represent PT Aneka Nusantara International (House of Leviathan Group) holder of several mining exploitation concesion of nickle and iron ore at several province i.e. Regent of Garut and Provice of South Sulawesi. With respect to legal service to prepare Warning Letter prior to legal action (police report), prepare/review agreement of acquisition of shares and provide legal opinion.
Represent PT Billiton Inti Perkasa, holder of mining exploitation concesion of iron ore at Batu Penyu and Batu Lin, Desa Jangkar Asam, Belitung Timur, Province of Kepulauan Bangka Belitung. With respect to legal service to prepare and review iron ore and mineral production agreement between PT Billiton Inti Perkasa and PT. Indomining Resources Indonesia.
Represent PT Bumitama Anugerah Milenium, a prominent supplier/expotir of coal, in preparing agreement with respect to trading and coal mining, as well as export coal to Thailand, preparing Joint Venture Agreement and represent PT Bumitama Anugerah Milenium for establishment Joint Venture Company namely PT. Bumitama Coal a foreign investment company which have bussiness line in general mining and trading of coal from East and South Kalimantan.
Represent Energy Perfect Co. Ltd, a prominent mining and trading of coal and natural resources energy, legal entity established according to Kingdom of Thailand Law in preparing Joint Venture Agreement and establishment of Joint Venture Company namely PT. Bumitama Coal, a foreign investment company which have bussiness line in general mining and trading of coal from East and South Kalimantan. Related to the legal services are consulation on tax law or company law (legal advise/opinion) and preparing Joint Venture Agreement, held meeting and review until the Joint Venture Agreement signed by the parties, establishment of the joint venture company and obtained the related licenses.
Represent PT Securindo Packatama Indonesia (Secure Parking), is a leading company in parking management services in Indonesia, in accompany Director, General Manager and its Officer in litigation matters related to lost of vehicles in parking area at Summarecon Serpong. Related to the legal services are giving consultation on Consumer Protection Law.
Represent Siam Coal & Fuel Co. Ltd, a legal entity established according to Kingdom of Thailand Law which have bussiness line as suplier and trading of coal and fuel. With respect to legal service of collection of debt which is Millions United States Dollars can be returned to Siam Coal. In this activities we provide legal consultation of civil law, criminal law or banking law and preparing/reviewing the power of attorney to encash the bilyet giro, preparing/reviewing agreement/statement letter between Siam Coal and the debtor.

For further information about our services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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